Polish music band established in 2018 in Łódź, playing music from the borderland of progressive rock, art rock and crossover prog.


The core of the group consists of five founders – Łukasz Woszczyński (vocals), Przemek Kaźmierski (drums), Michał Dziomdziora (bass guitar), Paweł Wężyk (keyboard instruments) and Maciej Włodarczyk (electric guitar). Additionally, both during live performances and studio recordings, you can hear the cooperating musicians – Radek Osowski (acoustic guitar) and Marcin Pluta (electronics).


The first official performance in front of a wider audience took place on 16 February 2019 as part of the „Prog On Days” event held in the Lodz Culture Centre. In the following months, the group also performed at the 13th Progressive Rock Festival in Toruń and the 5th „Prog The Night” Artrock Music Festival.


2 Years 2 Late


On the 20th December 2020, the debut studio album was released, which included 8 original songs. Video clips for two of them – Change and Mist – are available on Youtube.



Our album is already on sale



15.02.2019 – Prog On Days
6-7.07.2019 – Toruń, Festiwal Rocka Progresywnego
11.09.2021 – Prog Rock Fest, Legionowo
14.01.2022 – ASP, Łódź. Zamknięta gala finałowa.
30.01.2022 – 30 Finał WOŚP, Manufaktura, Łódź
11.06.2022 – Prog On Days 2022, Bydgoszcz
26.08.2022 – Rudeboy Club, Bielsko-Biała
27.08.2022 – Kopalnia Kultury, Czeladź
11.11.2022 – Wooltura, Łódź